Enter the Male Sex Dolls room
A collection of male sex dolls with smooth and real life looking skin. Upcoming: ou wide collection collection of male dolls with a large variety of choices to satisfy everybody’s preferences.

From the sexiest looking male sex doll to the most sensitive and fashionable one, come here to meet the doll that will take you to experience a new spectrum of sensual sensations.

And in a matter of fairness, discover that if women are not the main object of your desire, My Silicone Love Doll will no longer ignore your needs and desires and is currently working on building a decent and attractive collection of male dolls.

Let us first introduce ken, the first in our roster of male sex dolls.

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Ab: €1,990
WM Doll - 175cm TPE
Ab: €1,790
WM Doll - TPE 160cm
Ab: €1,790
WM Doll - 160cm TPE
WM Doll - 160cm TPE